Hardwoods are, without a doubt one of the most popular choices when selecting a floor for your home.  Due to its high durability, extreme beauty, and environmentally friendly attribute, it is no wonder why woods are an excellent choice for any home.

At Tile Land we offer multiple sizes, colors, styles, and species. Whether you are looking for engineered wood, laminate wood, or prefer to have solid wood stained and installed, you have come to the right place.  Tile Land Inc also has very professional crews ready to install your wood floors.




Engineered/SOLID WOOD

Wood on stairs can be done in either stair planks or solid wood threads.  At Tile Land we give you the option to use one or the other.  Either way rest assured that the work will be done correctly and professionally.  


If you want a nature infused room, or just want to illuminate a wall, our new rowlock product is a great option for you.  It comes in different species, stains, and finishes.