Custom made kitchen, bathroom, and outside grill countertops is one of our specialties at Tile Land Inc.  If you want more of a traditional look, then natural stones such as granite, marble, soap stone or travertine are excellent choices for you. People love their natural beauty and durability.  At Tile Land we have endless options which range from your standard material to your exotics.  Tile Land has numerous slabs on site.

If you like to keep up with what's trending and enjoy a more modern look, then quartz is for you.  Quartz is a very durable man made product available in many colors.  Quartz also has a controlled appearance, something granite and other natural stone products do not offer.  At Tile Land we offer Vico Stone, Sile Stone, Premium Quartz, Cesar Stone and other name brand quartz countertops for your selection.

Natural Stones


Outdoor Grills/Furniture Tops


Kitchen Counters/Backspashes